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The Parks Subdivision

Do we really need to allow the City to invest our Tax Money in a Developer owned Residential Subdivision – 4 miles East of town?

Absolutely Not.

Specifically, “The Parks” – a new subdivision proposed 4 miles East of McGregor containing 30+ acres of proposed “City Park public land” that only the subdivision people will enjoy. 

The MEDC owns the property then the City of McGregor is obligated to maintain the land – “forever.”  This acreage is larger than the McGregor Cemetery.  What will that cost?

A better idea [for Taxpayers] is for the Subdivision Residents to have a “Homeowners Association to financially support any public space required by the City.

We do not need any more “expensive” [to properly maintain] City Parks located 4 miles from the City Barn.

Also Proposed is a School.  The McGregor ISD owns 21 acres designated a SCHOOL.  In a time where we should be seriously considering School Consolidation, the City Leaders are suggesting we need to build another [separate] School.

I also understand the City has borrowed $2 Million Dollars to extend McGregor City Water to this project.

These arrangements appear to favor the Land Developers and the City of McGregor and not the McGregor Taxpayers.

City Government Should Be
A “Cost Savings” Organization.


What are the specific arrangements for this water line?  Beginning on 9th Street in McGregor and ending at the Parks Subdivision – and beyond?

City of Waco GIS Service Map

This map says there is “Existing Water and Sewer” available from Waco for Trane and the Parks Subdivision.  Why does McGregor need to be involved in extending Bluebonnet Water to The Parks?