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Do we really need to spend more on City Parks?

Simple Answer is Absolutely Not.

We are told that McGregor needs more Parks.  We would like to see the actual “use-data” that supports how many people use our City Parks on a daily basis.  Let’s justify City Park funding based on actual  “usage” – not opinion.

The Existing McGregor City Parks

5 city parks – with volleyball, horseshoe matches, jogging, fishing, disc golf, and picnic areas.

Legacy ParkMadison and 3rd Street
Bewley Park, 8th Street.
Kasting Park, East 7th Street
Launch Pad Park on Bluebonnet Pkwy

Amsler Park, Hwy 317

City of McGregor 9 Hole Disc Golf Course at Amsler Park.

Amsler Park Aquatic Center – swim, splash, and dive.

It is difficult to accurately track the funding for Parks. 

The City Budget for 2020 reads $342,043.00 allocated for Parks, but we know the SpaceX penalty fees of over $500,000,00  is dedicated to Parks by the City Council. – [p36/85].


What can be done?

Contact  Your City Councilman [by way of] Angelia Sloan,
City Secretary — [254] 840-2806 —

We need Better Streets – NOT More Parks!