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City Salaries, Wages, and Benefits

The City of McGregor has 10 million in revenue but costs the people much more each year and it is not obvious to anyone that looks at the Budget.

Searching through the City of McGregor website we can view the City Budget for this and previous years.  For example, look at the Budget Summary for the Fiscal Year 2019 – [page 16 of 121].  The three main subdivisions are Revenues, Expenditures, and Debt and Debt Service.

The image below describes the financial burden the City imposes on the residents of McGregor. 

    • The Debt Service for 2019 is $1,832,213.00.  
    • The Salaries, Wages, and Benefits [SWB] for City Employees is $3,676,578.00 
    • The City Contracted Services is $2,884,366.00
2018 Salary information for the {then} 82 City of McGregor Employees

The City spends near one half the entire City Budget of 10 Million Dollars on themselves.

Reference – the City Webpages – Agendas | Budgets | Tax Rate
Reference the 2018-2019 Budget –

[Image -right] – the 2018-2019 – City Departmental Expenditures

Presented are the annual costs to the City for these positions:  The four highest-cost individuals.
    • City Manager = $224,330.00
    • Financial Services = $227,184.00
    • Code Compliance 1 = $214,592.00
    • Code Compliance 2 = $213,633.00

The Police Department has 11 officers and costs the City 1.3 Million.

The City spends one half the entire City Budget of 10 Million Dollars on themselves.

Reference – Graphic Below:


What can be done?

Find YOUR Voice and begin to “lead the City leadership.”
If we don’t “help them,” they will continue to repeat the same spending behavior.

Contact  Your City Councilman [by way of] Angelia Sloan,
City Secretary — [254] 840-2806 —