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Third World Streets

The condition of our City Streets is lowering everyone’s property value.

Local people have been complaining literally for years about the poorly maintained streets.  [As I read the City Budget] we have spent multi-millions on streets with very poor results.

Lately, people are beginning to understand the City Council has authorized spending of more than $500K on City Parks rather than City Streets.  It appears that millions of dollars have been allocated over multiple years to City Streets yet they continue to be a disaster?

The Streets in McGregor have been in terrible condition for years.

The City has spent Million of Dollars for Street repair with very poor results.

City Potholes – Why are the Streets in McGregor so bad?

The City has been experimenting with road construction for the past 8 years.  We should definitely consider contracting that road work and let professional people do it. 

It appears the City has spent all the money it borrowed for streets and will need even more money to complete the Street work.

What can be done?

Contact  Your City Councilman

or contact:
Angelia Sloan, City Secretary
[254] 840-2806