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How are your Local Property Taxes Determined?

McGregor Property Taxes – City Hall Example

We do not need to be Tax Consultants to determine we are paying to much for the Government Services we are enjoying – [at every level of government].  In Texas, we pay Property Tax and not Personal Income Taxes.  [Like it or not, that is the situation].

As Residents, we should all understand – who sets the Tax Rates and how do those RATES affect us as individual Taxpayers. 

In McGregor, the City Council has that responsibility.  The City is limited to a maximum of 8% increase in Property Taxes in any one year. 

Every year [using the data our Group has access to] the City Council voted for the Minimum Property Tax Rate Increase – [every possible year].  We are suggesting our Group Members should understand some basic “formula math” to realize we need to decrease what we pay by decreasing the “Property Tax RATE:


Formula for Calculating YOUR Property Taxes

 (property tax amount)




(taxable value)











How are Sales Taxes Generated?

What can be done?

Find Your Voice – Help Our City.
Contact  Your City Councilman
Angelia Sloan – City Secretary — [254] 840-2806 —