What are your opinions regarding the spending in the City of McGregor?

The Issues

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The population and geography of McGregor have not changed that much in 50 years, but the cost to live here certainly has. 

The City has borrowed millions and spent a small fortune for City improvements?   But, what seems to be improved are the City Offices, the City Vehicles, the City Equipment, and the City Salaries Wages and Benefits.  [Our City’s spending habits need to change]!

The question becomes: “How are all these City Improvements funded?”  There is only “so much money” available the City for their annual spending Budget.  The City used Certificates of Obligation[CO’s circumvent Voter approval].

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What can be done?

Contact  Your City Councilman [by way of] Angelia Sloan,
City Secretary — [254] 840-2806 —