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REVISION 2030 Recommendations

Better Essential Services and New Community Priorities

A Suggested Approach to Community Planning 

1) Building Community and Quality of Life
Lower the cost of living in McGregor.
  • Lower the City Departmental Expenditures.
  • Lower the Cost for City Utilities and Services.
  • Maintain Property Taxes at Appropriate Levels.
  • Refocus 1/2 cent Sales Tax Revenues.
2) Infrastructure
Focus on the needs of the local Residents
  • Create better Streets in all Residential Areas.
  • Create a Community Network – WiFi.
3) Residential Housing
Focus on City Growth closer to the City Core.
  • Develop a Community Plan with realistic City “Development Opportunities.”
  • Create incentives to attract Retired People.
4) Education – [MISD], other.
Build Community Engagement to better support MISD.
  • Review the “Strategic Plan” for McGregor ISD.
  • Expand support for the MISD Foundation.
  • Promote “Distance Learning” Opportunities for everyone.
5) Public Safety
Lower the cost for Public Safety.
  • Reorganize the Police Department thru attrition.
  • Organize Neighborhood Watch Groups.
  • Consider Installing Strategic [trail] Cameras in Businesses and Neighborhoods.
6) Economic Development
It is not just about Downtown Businesses anymore.
  • Re-Mastered Plan our Industrial Park – [find better land-use opportunities]
  • Let Local Land Agents represent Industrial Opportunities from the Re-Mastered Plan.
  • Better Organize Local Sales Tax Revenue Spending.
  • Refocus MEDC Spending – [Away from the Exchange].
  • Develop Main Street Business Designated Parking Plan.
7) Wellness & Recreation
Better incorporate and utilize existing MISD Facilities.
  • Reallocate Spending away from a City Parks focus.
  • Maintain Existing City Parks
  • Less Emphasis on New Parks.