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Street Funding

Third World Streets

Local people have been complaining literally for years about the \”poorly maintained streets.\”  [As I read the City Budget] we have spent multi-millions on streets with very poor results.

Lately, people are beginning to understand the City Council has authorized spending of more than $500K in City Parks rather than City Streets. 

It appears that millions of dollars have been allocated over multiple years to City Streets, yet our Streets make McGregor look like a third world country.

In the annual City Budget for the past 5 years, the City is allocating 3/4 of a Million Dollars toward City Streets


What is \”hidden in all the Annual City Budgets\” is all the Borrowed Money the City as appropriated from Taxpayers since 2003 using Certificates of Obligation – [CO\’s].  This working around the voters is titled \”creative financing\” by the City Leadership.  [CO\’s circumvent Voter approval].  That is a \”serious problem\” if you are a Taxpayer.


What can be done?

Find YOUR Voice and begin to “lead the City leadership.”
If we don\’t \”help them,\” they will continue to repeat the same spending behavior.

Contact  Your City Councilman [by way of] Angelia Sloan,
City Secretary — [254] 840-2806 —