What are the “Immediate Concerns” in McGregor, Texas?

The population and geography of McGregor have not changed that much in 50 years, but the cost to live here certainly has.

The condition of the Streets is negatively affecting individual property values and the City seems to be oblivious to the obvious needs of the majority.
For years, McGregor people have wondered how a community with a revenue of 10 million dollars could afford so many simultaneous improvements.


Expensive City Services

Third World Streets

Mounting City Debt

“For years people have been asking where did the City find the money for all those new City offices, City vehicles, City equipment, and City employee salaries, wages, and benefits?

The City has borrowed millions and spent a small fortune for City improvements?
But, what seems to be improved are the City Offices, the City Vehicles, the City Equipment, and the City Salaries Wages and Benefits. 

Let’s follow the money.

The question becomes: “How are all these City Improvements funded? “
There is only “so much money” available the City for their annual spending Budget.

City Leaders have Spent Tens of Millions without voter approval.

City Officials have been rewarding themselves with palatial offices, expensive equipment, and never-ending funding.

Through the Texas Comptroller web information we found Debt Transparency


In the past 7 years, McGregor has amassed a tremendous Debt and Debt Service. 

People are now saying “I didn’t vote for that.”


What are the immediate concerns and priority projects we should consider?

  1. Reduce the City Debt Service – [Begin decreasing financial liabilities where ever possible].
  2. Reduce the cost of City Professional Services.
  3. Freeze City Employee Hiring – [We don’t need more supervisors or assistants].
  4. Freeze City Spending – [Especially for equipment and empire-building projects].
  5. Decrease Cost of City Utilities – [My water bill is extremely high and often seems inaccurate].
  6. Focus on Street Repair – [There are numerous Streets that appear substandard]. 
    In the last 10 years, the City has Tens of Millions on street repair.

What can be done?

Find YOUR Voice and begin to “lead the City leadership.”
If we don’t “help them,” they will continue to repeat the same spending behavior.

Contact  Your City Councilman [by way of] Angelia Sloan,
City Secretary — [254] 840-2806 — asloan@mcgregor-texas.com