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Let’s persuade the Mayor, the City Council Members, to change spending directions and begin representing the City Residents as well as the City Businesses.

Find Your Voice – Help Our City – Contact:
City Manager – Kevin Evans – 254-840-2806 –

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City Of McGregor Budget – 2020-2021 —

City Of McGregor Budget – 2019-2020 –

The Current City of McGregor – Ward Map  –


All Boards and Commissions are on the same schedule – alternating 2-year terms ending on the last day of September. [one board has 3-year terms).

Angelia places a solicitation in the Mirror asking for anyone interested in serving on a City Board please submit a “letter of interest” to be newly appointed or to be re-appointed to the board or commission.

Individuals wishing to serve must submit a written request to Angelia by — [certain date in July/August – TBA].
Each board or commission is posted and how many positions have terms are expiring.

The appointments to boards & commissions for expiring terms are placed on the September agenda.

The Council Members review the letters of interest and sometimes might interview those wishing to serve, before making their appointments to the Boards and Commissions – [Usually during the September Council Meeting in which the agenda items are posted].