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Learn How the City of McGregor Spends Money

The Issues:  Expensive City Services – Third World City Streets – Mounting City Debt – Debt and Debt Service – City Salary Wages and Benefits – The Exchange

The population and geography of McGregor have not changed that much in 50 years, but the cost to live here certainly has. The condition of the Streets is negatively affecting individual property values and the City seems to be oblivious to the obvious needs of the majority.

For years, McGregor people have wondered how a community with a revenue of 10 million dollars could afford so many simultaneous “improvements.

“For years people have been asking where did the City find the money for all those new City offices, City vehicles, City equipment, and City employee salaries, wages, and benefits?

Have you noticed the City has borrowed millions and spent a small fortune for City improvements?  But, what seems to be improved are the City Offices, the City Vehicles, the City Equipment, and the City Salaries Wages and Benefits. 

The question becomes: “How are all these City Improvements funded? 

There is only “so much money” available the City for their annual spending Budget.

Let’s follow the money.

Third World Streets – The condition of our City Streets is lowering everyone’s property value. Local people have been complaining literally for years about the poorly maintained streets.

McGregor residents continue to ask?  Why are my City Utilities so expensive?  People have been complaining for years that their water bill is excessive and usage recording is irregular. 

We are told that McGregor needs more Parks.  We would like to see the actual “use-data” that supports how many people use our City Parks on a daily basis. 

  A Certificate of Obligation Bond – [CO] – is effectively a “Bank Lien” against private property in McGregor.  As of 2018 – McGregor is $26+ Million Dollars in Debt.


The Exchange is advertised as a 2 million dollar effort to revitalize McGregor and increase tax revenue.

The City of McGregor, Chamber of Commerce, McGregor Economic Development Corporation [MEDC], and downtown businesses are currently creating the Downtown Exchange Community Center.  The current [2019] Debt and Debt Service for The Downtown Exchange is near $3 million dollars and the actual costs to build and operate will certainly increase.