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As a Community, We Are Allowing The Ever Expanding Bureaucracy

Our financial \”problems\” begin with the Federal, State, County, and Local Government Bureaucrats.

As taxpayers, we certainly understand we are all \”taxed excessively\” for \”expensive services\” at every level of government.
Government Money Managers are rewarded for creating the need for tax money and spending it all before someone else \”get\’s it.\”

By design and desire – there are no \”financial incentives\” for Bureaucrats to save and return money to the general fund to be utilized for another, perhaps better, purposes.

This \”spend it or lose it mentality\” persists in all governments. 
Bureaucrats are competing for the \”ever-increasing necessary funding.\” 

Government leaders have a \”go along to get along\” attitude that encourages \”I\’ll vote for your interests if you will vote for mine.\”

The Self Serving Government Bureaucrats:

  • Create the illusion of social \”need\” – [create positions to service that apparent need].
  • Borrow to the legal limits to insure constant debt service [and the need for their services].
  • Allocate and dedicate future funding ASAP – [before someone else does].
  • Invoice every possible dollar to every possible funding source – [especially taxpayers].
  • Spend all funding as soon as possible – [exaggerate the urgency and immediate need].
  • Promote and advance personnel from within – [better encourages the herd mentality].
  • Push the responsibility and financial liability for the next administration to administer.
  • Create the illusion of need – [repeat, rinse, repeat, etc.].

We must supervise Bureaucrats and always verify their spending and reporting.

As a Community, we should decide and focus the \”most important issues\” and work diligently on them.
We do not have the tax base to fund every project any individual or small group can offer us. 

The Important City Issues are: Expensive City Services – Third World Streets – Mounting City Debt

Regardless of political party, we should all be working together to control spending and reduce taxes.
To control spending we should individually supervise all public spending constantly.

What are the immediate concerns and priority projects The City should consider?

What can be done?

People need to find their voice and begin to \”lead the Bureaucratic leadership.\”  
If we don\’t help them understand, they will continue to repeat the same spending behavior.

Contact  Your City Councilman [by way of] Angelia Sloan,
City Secretary — [254] 840-2806 —