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It has become obvious that the Noise and Vibration of the SpaceX Raptor engine tests have become an issue for many taxpayers that live in the vicinity of McGregor Texas.

Recently I sent a letter to the City asking for some detailed information.  Apparently, the information is proprietary and is available to the City of McGregor, but not to residents in the geographic area.

I asked the City of McGregor for the City/SpaceX contract.  I found some useful and practical information that I could approach the City and be more scientific in the approach to my questions.

Page 22 of the City/SpaceX contract, is a discussion regarding the Noise and Vibration SpaceX agrees to.  It follows with information pertaining to the sound restrictions [115 dBA at a distance of 3 miles].  These are parameters for the Falcon 9 engines [not Raptor].


Remember, a +3 dB change yields a 100% increase in sound energy and just over a 23% increase in loudness.

My letter to the City outlines the concern I have that SpaceX is not in compliance with the current contract with the City.  I asked for the information that would prove [one way or another] if the Noise and Vibration are within the stated contractual tolerances. 

As local residents know by now some of the SpaceX engine tests appear to be excessive in both the Noise and Vibration parameters.  Without the precise measurements, the Noise and Vibration discussion is speculative.  My intent was to gather the data [that SpaceX provides to the City] to determine if the terms of the contract are being honored.

I am realizing now we don’t need “precise data” to determine the SpaceX engine testing is excessive and needs to be mitigated as soon as possible.  By now, everyone involved is very aware.  Perhaps we should suspend Raptor engine testing until the Noise and Vibration issues are resolved.


The City of McGregor responded by asking the City Attorney to respond. The City Attorney immediately sent a letter to Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton.  The City of McGregor is basically saying I cannot have the information because it “Contains Sensitive Properitory Information” and they will need SpaceX’s permission if they are willing to share it [page 1 of 2 ].


McGregor City Attorney – to – AG Ken Paxton – [page 2 of 2].


I did not realize [at the time] getting sensor data information would be such an issue with either the City or SpaceX.  What is interesting is how quickly all of these “objections” came together – [as if it has been well-rehearsed because of other recent inquiries].  

I believe the secret is out – SpaceX is creating Noise and Vibration beyond reasonable tolerances in McGregor, Texas.

People are joking about the Russians and Chinese reverse engineering Raptor engines from the Noise and Vibration generated from the engine tests.  I believe the competition understands the interworkings and hidden mechanisms.

Taxpayers expect some degree of honesty and respect from their business neighbors especially with an international company that affects the daily lives of so many people.

It is more believable to say SpaceX is in violation of their contract with the City of McGregor and they do not want to provide the proof using their data.  

The City of McGregor Attorney also sent a letter to SpaceX for their response. [3 pages].


City Attorney to SpaceX – [page 2 of 3].


City Attorney to SpaceX – [page 3 of 3].


Working within “the chain of command” is important – and I realized I should inform SpaceX Corporate of my request to the City of McGregor.  [A courtesy copy].


Within 1 day the president and chief operating officer of SpaceX Mrs. Gwynne Shotwell responded.


Mrs. Shotwell says they are aware of the Noise and Vibration and they are working on a solution, but gave no timeframe for completion.

Apparently,  SpaceX Corporate was in town the weekend of Sunday, November 7th to determine the company Raptor engine Noise and Vibration policy.  The Sunday morning and evening tests were very very disruptive with “extremely loud noise and vibration.”

Mrs. Shotwell goes on to explain she will work with Mayor Hering and reach out to the community.  I hope this is a public meeting and will invite residents within a 25-mile area about the Raptor engine test location.  I believe she will get an ear full from area residents. 

My second email to  Mrs. Shotwell was to inform her that the City had contacted the Texas Attorney General.  I did not want her to think I was doing anything without informing her.

The link to Videos and more information.


My second email to Mrs. Shotwell also informs her that the Mayor and City Manager of McGregor “does not represent everyone affected by the Raptor engine testing.”  There are tens of thousands that have no voice.  Until enough people make their displeasure known – there is no problem.  Use the names and addresses you find here and ask for “better noise and vibration abatement.”  [3 pages].


This is my suggested solution to SpaceX to address the Noise and Vibration issues.  I suggested a 25-mile radius around the Raptor Test location where enough sensors would be placed to determine at what distance the engine testing could be heard, but was not excessive. – [page 2 of 3].


This is a copy [attachment to the email] of my original email to the City of McGregor.  [page 3 of 3].


The Vice President of Space Exploration Technologies Corp, [SpaceX – legal] Christopher Cardaci sent a letter the Attorney General Paxton.  The letter states that I am asking about the Sound Measurements for the Falcon 9 engine testing.  This is incorrect.  I am asking for the Noise and Vibration data for the Raptor 2 engine tests.

VP Cardaci goes on to describe “trade secrets” and “data confidentiality” and the “economic value” of the SpaceX data.”  


VP Cardaci asks AG Paxton to not provide the information I requested because if the information was published competitors would use the data to gain a “competitive advantage.” 

I find that very hard to believe.  What I believe is SpaceX legal does not want anyone to view/use the data because it “might” demonstrate SpaceX is in violation of their contract with the City of McGregor.


My letter to the Texas Attorney General Paxton


My Consumer Complaint Form to see if I could get any traction with the Texas Attorney General? [Page 1 of 2].


Texas Attorney General [Page 2 of 2] of the Consumer Complaint Form.  If you would like to add your complaint go here:


In their letter to AG Paxton – SpaceX legal has outlined in agonizing detail “what they are not willing to do” to mitigate the Noise and Vibration when engine testing.

I request Attorney General Paxton insist that SpaceX outline and present to the local public exactly what they are willing to do and provide information on what they have done in the past and what their plan is for the future to greatly diminish the impact of their engine testing.

Many in McGregor feel the proximity to SpaceX is actually decreasing their property value while the McLennan County appraisal values keep increasing.

We actually do not need the SpaceX “super-secret noise data” – what we need is a SpaceX contract with the City of McGregor that decreases the Noise and Vibration and benefits the people that feel they do not have a voice in any of the decision-making.

The intensity of the Noise and Vibration needs to be reduced and we need Local and State Government help to insist on that change.